The 91-Day Greyshirt

How I went from sign-up to the Navajo Nation’s longest-serving volunteer in just three months.   We all have our own Team Rubicon journey. Mine goes from thinking I didn’t belong to becoming a comms lead in a matter of months. I grew up wanting to serve in the military. My father was a Marine, … Read More

The Stories We Tell Ourselves Matter

Applying for the Clay Hunt Fellowship Program (CHFP) was something I felt that I needed to do. As a black woman and a U.S. Marine, I am always conscious of the systemic racism my fellow Americans and I have experienced, even after fighting for and serving our country. But, I also needed help transitioning from … Read More

Care during COVID-19: A Physician’s Greyshirt Experience

It was late in the evening after another busy shift in the emergency department. I grabbed my bag, a now-cold cup of coffee, and headed towards my car. I was physically and emotionally drained, but as I flipped through news articles, all centered on the COVID crisis, I wished I could do more. The week … Read More

Finding Father Figures in Grey—and Man Glitter

On her first operation as a sawyer, one Greyshirt planned to sit back, be a spotter, and let the guys make the chips fly. Two Greyshirts ruined that plan. Lucy Loftus reflects on finding father figures in Team Rubicon.