For many men and women of our Armed Forces, the desire to serve their country and fellow man does not diminish once they take off the uniform.

Team Rubicon provides an opportunity for our veterans to continue serving through disaster response. Veterans possess many of the skills and experiences that define an excellent responder – leadership, experience in austere environments, able to work with limited resources. Through continued service, many veterans find a new purpose, community, and identity, three intangibles that are often lacking while transitioning to civilian life.

Stories of Service Jen Oh

US Air Force veteran

I missed the veteran community and was looking for something to belong to again after business school. The promise of having a meaningful experience drew me in. After seven years of serving around the world, the opportunity to serve Americans, in America, was awesome. I’ve never been so dirty, and so satisfied. It’s a lot of hard work, but it totally satisfied my soul. Teamwork, leadership and community: Team Rubicon does it best.

Clay Hunt Fellows Program

The Clay Hunt Fellows Program offers veteran members of Team Rubicon a six-month fellowship focused on improving the response capabilities of Team Rubicon while honoring one of our first members, USMC veteran Clay Hunt.

The Impact of Continued Service

Veterans are not the object of our mission, they are the agents of our mission. Learn how continued service helps veterans transition from military to civilian life.

Volunteer Leaders

Team Rubicon is a volunteer-run organization. With over 65,000 members, a dedicated group of 500+ volunteer leaders make the organization tick.