Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. Founded in 2010 with the expressed goal of quickly responding to large-scale disasters, Team Rubicon has deployed thousands of volunteers across the United States and world to provide relief to communities in need.


Who We Serve

When disaster strikes, we work hard to help the most vulnerable in need. By working with or alongside local agencies and governments, Team Rubicon seeks to be of the utmost service to those in need.

Capabilities and Services

No two disasters are alike. Each require a different approach and skillset. Team Rubicon offers a wide range of capabilities to best serve communities in need.


Effective disaster response comes from effective training and preparedness. While many of the skills provided by the military – trauma medicine, leadership, logistics – translate well, Team Rubicon offers training to equip members with valuable skills.

Operations Map

Team Rubicon has deployed across the country and world to assist communities in need. See where we've been working.


This integrated set of plans and manuals bring together the best practices of emergency management, disaster risk reduction, and military humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations. Adaptable, scalable, and practical, they provide TR leaders the techniques necessary for engaging in relief operations of any scope or scale.