Team Rubicon is an international non-profit disaster response organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams, free of charge, to communities affected by disasters. Team Rubicon currently maintains a roster of 130,000+ volunteers able to deploy throughout the United States and world.

Team Rubicon stands ready to deploy resources in the following timeframes:

Team Rubicon maintains complete records of volunteers, hours worked, and work-orders so as to assist local, county, state, and tribal governments in applying for federal public assistance grants.

Team Rubicon provides the following capabilities and services to affected communities:

Team Rubicon deploys equipped with all the resources required to provide the capabilities above including:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Solar-powered electrical suites
  • Data analysis and mapping suites (mobile and static platforms)
  • Heavy equipment
  • Sawyer teams

All incident management personnel are trained in the application of Incident Command System (ICS) in compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Volunteers are trained in the basics of ICS. Team Rubicon deploys as a self-sustaining unit.

Team Rubicon has responded to numerous natural disasters across the United States. The flexibility of our organization allows us to operate in two distinct ways:

Tactical Branch, Single Resource Unit, or Task Force

Team Rubicon can work under the direction of a governmental entity or agency (based on requested function) and integrate fully into an existing Incident Command System structure to perform disaster response functions.

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Team Rubicon is a voting member of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD). Team Rubicon can integrate into national, state, or community VOAD efforts to provide its services to survivors, free of charge.