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Update from the Training Shop

When we’re not responding to disasters, we’re preparing for them. There’s some unrivaled passion regarding all things training brewing across TR Nation, so here’s an update to help us all march to the same cadence.

What is Team Rubicon’s Training Shop currently working on?

  • Module 2. We launched Module 1 back in June 2014, our awareness-level disaster response training that lives in Roll Call. We plan to drop the core of Module 2 in the first quarter of 2015. Throughout the remainder of next year, we’ll release national curricula for chainsaw ops, heavy equipment ops, Palantir, damage assessments, muck outs, and other Tools, Tactics, and Techniques (T3) training.
  • Guidance. We’re crafting some standard operating guidelines to empower regional leaders to host various in-person training events and exercises.
  • How-to tutorial videos. There are a lot of systems we utilize to ensure our disaster response efforts are on point. We want our team to understand how to best use these tools to get the job done, so we’re whipping up some simple how-to videos to address commonly asked questions from the field. For example, check out our Roll Call “how-to” channel on Vimeo.
  • Train-the-Trainer pipelines. We want more members to teach ICS 300/400, Palantir, Chainsaw, and Heavy Equipment. We’ll have more details in the new year.


What’s the role of the Regional Training Officer?

Did you know a TR training team exists? The Regional Training Officers (RTOs) help us coordinate, track, and expand training at the regional level. They’re most important task is to help translate national training priorities into regional training events/activities. RTOs also serve as liaisons between the region and the Training Shop at HQ for all training related questions. Find their contact information here.

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What types of Training opportunities can members tackle at this time?

  • Module 1. Head to Roll Call and complete this online course. This also includes the completion of ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 (links available in Roll Call, too).
  • ICS 300/400, Chainsaw, or Palantir Training coming to a region near you. RTO’s are working to host ICS 300 and 400, chainsaw operations, and Palantir damage assessment courses across TR Nation. Look for updates via Roll Call, email, and social media as events are scheduled.
  • Knowledge Bombs. Study up and share our album of Knowledge Bombs covering everything from radio comms to black mold you may encounter in the field.


Commit to bulking up your brains in 2015, so we can continue to manhandle disasters as a team.