Fire on the Mountain—Or Not

At a disaster academy high in the mountains of Colorado, Team Rubicon volunteers learn to wield a saw, turn a skid steer, and prevent forest fires.


Fighting Fire with Chainsaws

How a Texas community is using volunteer assistance and mitigation planning to take on its wildfire risk and snuff out flames before they ever spark.

In The Grey

When It Pours, There’s Rains

Morgan Rains is a badass. Meet the woman who oversaw disaster relief operations after the Kincade Fire.

In The Grey

In Sonoma, Ashes From Ashes

Jasper went first, then Piper. The border collies darted back and forth across the bare, scorched foundation of what was once a family home, hopping onto piles of twisted metal or remnants of walls that refused to topple all the way to the ground. They were oblivious to the spectacular autumn sunshine and the mountaintop … Read More