Service is not defined by the uniform you wear.

For many military veterans, taking off the uniforms of our Armed Forces nor does not remove their desire to serve their country.

Team Rubicon members serve because there are communities in need, and they have the ability to help.

As some veterans transition from military to civilian life, it can be difficult to regain the purpose, community, and identity that is apparent in the military. Continued service through disaster response allows many veterans to regain that sense of mission-focus, that feeling of being a part of something larger than oneself.

At our core, Team Rubicon is about neighbors helping neighbors. When crisis strikes our communities, we come together to help others on their darkest day.

Why do we serve? Because it’s what we do.

Team Rubicon is BUILT TO SERVE.

Stories of Service Kelly Scanlan

Canadian Army veteran

When I came home from Afghanistan, I felt directionless and struggled to find a new purpose. With Team Rubicon, I was able to work with an amazing group of people and experience the strength of being part of a dedicated, hardworking team again. It didn’t matter that we came from different military and emergency services backgrounds. We were connected by our past experiences and now united by a shared goal of wanting to help however we could and put a bit of hope and goodness back into the world.