The Team Rubicon Training Shop provides skills-based trainings and strategic exercises to Team Rubicon members and the community. All trainings are offered free of charge and work to improve Team Rubicon’s operational capabilities and capacity.

Training Offerings

The Training Shop works to provide all TR members with a toolbox of skills needed for disaster response, mitigation, and recovery. All trainings, online or in-person, are delivered free of charge to Team Rubicon members. If you can't tell a pulaski from a pole saw, don't worry, we'll get you there.

Team Rubicon realizes that today’s military does a tremendous job preparing veterans for life after the military with numerous ‘soft skills’ such as: leadership, teamwork, risk analysis, priority tasking and work ethic. However, many veterans leave the military lacking with the ‘hard skills’ necessary to thrive in a tough civilian job market.

Inspired by one of the very first members of the organization and USMC veteran Clay Hunt, the Clay Hunt Fellows Program was established to develop the future veteran leaders of Team Rubicon through a 12-month self-discovery and mentorship program.

Interested in the CHFP?