In Service, Finding Soul Food

In honor of Volunteer Week we’re sharing a Greyshirt’s reflection on the meaning of volunteering, teamwork, and finding a place in the TRibe.

Team Rubicon News

Shake Hands Before Disaster Strikes

Team Rubicon’s Director of Field Operations encourages members to introduce themselves to local emergency management partners before and between disasters.

Region 5

Stuck on Serving

Air Force veteran Brianne Richter is addicted to serving with Team Rubicon and is currently not seeking a remedy.

Region 9

At Stuart’s Service

There were no chainsaws or hard hats and just one scoop shovel involved, but Team Rubicon members rocked a service project for a Vietnam-era veteran in Venice, CA on Sunday afternoon. That veteran, Stuart Sarbone, served in the United States Army Quartermaster Corps and received an Army commendation for how he “revolutionized the way the … Read More

Team Rubicon News

Four T’s of TR

Team Rubicon is a multi-faceted organization with a dual mission of helping communities affected by disasters and veterans looking for another chance to serve, so it’s no surprise there are truck loads of moving parts that keep this engine running. We broke it down into four, easy-to-digest categories: Tools We’re talkin’ chainsaws, skid-steers, gloves, shovels, safety glasses, etc. We are as effective … Read More