In Rural Puerto Rico, a Drive for Clean Water

Hurricane Fiona was just the most recent disaster to contaminate wells and cisterns across the island. Now, a water filter distribution program is hoping to help bring access to clean water to thousands.


What is a Humanitarian?

Understanding humanitarianism, humanitarians, and the four principles that drive them.


Leaving Greece Humbled and Elevated

As Team Rubicon begins to respond to the humanitarian crises in Ukraine, we’re reflecting on past humanitarian operations. Greyshirt and Nurse Practitioner Mary Corder wrote this reflection in 2016 after serving on Operation Hermes, in which Team Rubicon volunteers provided primary medical care at a clinic in northern Greece to help alleviate suffering and prevent further injury to the Syrian refugee population.

From The Field

Seven-Year-Old Lena Takes Her First Steps in Greece

Born with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, 7-year-old Lena took her first steps at the clinic with the support of volunteer medical professionals at a refugee camp in northern Greece.