Forward Watch

Forward Watch, March 5

Team Rubicon is serving communities affected by Winter Storm Uri and supporting vaccination sites nationwide.

Winter Storm Uri

Situation Report

Winter Storm Uri wrought widespread damage across Texas and the Southeast, devastating communities unaccustomed to severe winter weather. In Texas, it’s estimated that the storm will cost the state $200 billion – more than Hurricane Harvey in 2017. As far away as the Northeast, people experienced power outages, fallen trees, and flooded homes.

How Team Rubicon is Responding

Team Rubicon is working with officials in affected communities to deliver early-stage recovery services like roof tarping, debris removal, chainsaw operations, and muck-outs. 

Livingston, TN

Operations began with Team Rubicon cleared debris for the City of Livingston to help get power turned back on after the storm hit.

Greyshirts have worked on 27 homes. The response is scheduled to continue through March 17. 

Greyshirts mitigating hazardous deadfall in Tennessee.

Abbott, TX

Over the weekend, Team Rubicon will muck-out a home in Abbott, TX that was damaged from the effects of Winter Storm Uri. 

Austin, TX (Completed)

Greyshirts sprung to action in this hard-hit city and worked on 11 homes in the immediate aftermath of the storm.


A debris removal and muck-out response is being scoped in Kentucky.

International Operations


Team Rubicon assisted NetHope on an international operation to install more than 30 internet access sites in the cities of Mexicali and Juarez. These sites will serve migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers by connecting them to online resources, communication, and information.

The next step in this operation is scheduled to begin in the upcoming weeks.

Navajo Nation Medical Support 

Gallup, NM

Since November, Team Rubicon has been providing Greyshirt RN’s, paramedics, and EMT’s to relieve healthcare workers at the Gallup Indian Medical Center as they face a high rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations. 

More Greyshirts and medical equipment have been deployed to provide logistical and on-site support for vaccination efforts within the Navajo Nation. 

Vaccine Distribution 

Team Rubicon, along with our partners, are supporting healthcare workers and the medical community by assisting in COVID-19 vaccine delivery and distribution. Our goal is to provide vaccination support so that healthcare providers can focus on administering vaccines and providing primary care.

As of March 1, Team Rubicon has helped administer more than 284,130 COVID-19 vaccinations across 42 cities.

Vaccination Support Operations

Mat-Su Valley, AK (Completed)

Anchorage, AK (Completed)

Phoenix, AZ 

Vaccinations: 47,000

Fontana, CA (Completed)

Greyshirts assembled at the Fontana Speedway mass vaccination site.

Rialto, CA 

Stockton, CA (Completed)

Vaccinations: 4,200

Vallejo, CA 

Denver, CO 

Vaccinations: 5,100

Loveland, CO

Deland, FL 

Vaccinations: 22,000

Pensacola, FL 

Vaccinations: 1,500+

Yulee, FL 

Vaccinations: 1250+

Chicago, IL 

Vaccinations: 2,100

Wichita, KS 

Vaccinations: 900+

Southbridge, MA 

Vaccinations: 6,500+

Hanover, MD 

Vaccinations: 1,70

Kansas City, MO 

Vaccinations: 7,000+

St. Louis, MO 

Missoula, MT 

Charlotte, NC (Completed)

Vaccinations: 39,000+

Fayetteville, NC

Vaccinations: 13,000

Jacksonville, NC 

Vaccinations: 4,900+

New Town, ND

Vaccinations: 300

Gallup, NM 

Vaccinations: 1,944

Carson City, NV 

18,000 vaccinations throughout the state

Henderson, NV 

18,000 vaccinations throughout the state

Brentwood, NY

Vaccinations: 6,245+

Dayton, OH 

Vaccinations: 10,000+

Portland, OR

Eugene, OR (Completed)

El Paso, TX

Vaccinations: 2,800+

Hurst, TX 

Vaccinations: 14,000+

Garland, TX 

Midland, TX 

Vaccinations: 27,000+

Farmington, UT

Fredericksburg, VA 

Vaccinations: 1,000 

Kennewick, WA (Completed)

Appleton, WI (Completed)

Jefferson, WI

Vaccinations: 4,700+

Jackson, WY 

Vaccinations: 300+