Forward Watch

Forward Watch, March 19

The breadth of Team Rubicon’s capabilities is currently on display, with Greyshirts serving communities affected by winter storms, wildfires, floods, and COVID-19.

Winter Storm Uri

Winter Storm Uri caused widespread damage across Texas and the Southeast; devastating communities unaccustomed to severe winter weather. In Texas, it’s estimated that the storm will cost the state $200 billion – more than Hurricane Harvey in 2017. As far away as the Northeast, people experienced power outages, fallen trees, and flooded homes.

Alongside local authorities, Team Rubicon is helping communities in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas.

Irvine, KY

Greyshirts are assisting the community with muck-outs and debris removal after additional flooding affected homeowners whose houses had already been damaged by Winter Storm Uri.

Livingston, TN

Team Rubicon began supporting the City of Livingston by clearing debris to aid with power restoration shortly after the storm hit.

Work in the area has concluded as of March 16.

Holland, TX 

Team Rubicon provided chainsaw operations and debris removal for residents in need.

Houston, TX

Greyshirts began mucking out a home that suffered flooding from the storm on March 14 and will return on March 20–21 to finish the job.

A Greyshirt performing a muck-out on a home in Texas.

Wildfire Mitigation

Santa Ysabel, CA

In San Diego County, Greyshirts are deploying to the Rey River Ranch to assist with wildfire mitigation beginning March 19. Greyshirts will cut and remove downed and dead trees that create fire hazards for the area’s residents.

Flood Response


On the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii, torrential rains have caused flooding and landslides, and raised fears of dam failures. 

Greyshirts began providing muck-outs and debris removal for affected homeowners on March 17. Additional damage assessment teams are identifying where else Team Rubicon can lend assistance.

Wayne County, West Virginia

Multiple winter storms and heavy rain events that caused widespread flooding throughout Wayne County. Greyshirts have been deployed to conduct muck-outs for community members in need who have been affected by the flooding.

Navajo Nation Medical Support 

Gallup, NM

Since November, Team Rubicon has been providing Greyshirt RN’s, paramedics, and EMT’s to relieve healthcare workers at the Gallup Indian Medical Center as they face a high rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations. 

More Greyshirts and medical equipment have been deployed to provide logistical and on-site support for the Navajo Nation’s vaccination efforts. 

Vaccine Distribution Support

Team Rubicon is actively involved in making COVID-19 vaccinations available to all by providing medical support, logistics, wraparound support services, and EOC support for vaccinations across the country. By performing these services for the medical community, Team Rubicon allows healthcare workers to focus on administering vaccinations and providing primary care.

As of March 19, Team Rubicon has helped administer more than 597, 540 COVID-19 vaccinations in 35 cities.

Active Vaccination Support Operations

Palmer, AK

Phoenix, AZ 

Vaccinations: 53,000

Stockton, CA 

Vaccinations: 4,400

Deland, FL 

Vaccinations: 28,000

Pensacola, FL 

Vaccinations: 1,500

Yulee, FL 

Vaccinations: 1,800

Fayetteville, GA

Vaccinations: 500

Lagrange, GA

Zebulon, GA

Chicago, IL 

Vaccinations: 2,100

Wichita, KS 

Vaccinations: 1,250

Southbridge, MA 

Vaccinations: 9,000

Hanover, MD 

Vaccinations: 3,500

Kansas City, MO 

Vaccinations: 8,000

St. Louis, MO 

Missoula, MT 

Vaccinations: 1,900

Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

Vaccinations: 21,000

Gallup, NM 

Vaccinations: 1,944

Brooklyn, NY

Bath, NY

Charlotte, NC 

Vaccinations: 39,000

Fayetteville, NC

Vaccinations: 15,800

Jacksonville, NC 

Vaccinations: 8,700

Dayton, OH 

Vaccinations: 13,900

Portland, OR

Vaccinations: 17,700

Eugene, OR 

Philadelphia, PA

Vaccinations: 12,000

El Paso, TX

Vaccinations: 12,000

Hurst, TX 

Vaccinations: 30,800

Arlington, VA

Vaccinations: 1,000

Fredericksburg, VA 

Vaccinations: 4,200

Milwaukee, WI

Jackson, WY 

Vaccinations: 300