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Everbridge CIO Deploys to Missouri with Team Rubicon

Jeff Lortz, CIO and VP of Corporate Planning and Service Operations at Everbridge, deployed with Team Rubicon to Eureka, MO in the wake of severe flooding.

When I interview candidates to join Everbridge, many of them ask why I joined the company and what keeps me at Everbridge. As someone who has worked at a half dozen technology companies in my career, I tell them working at Everbridge is different.

We don’t make technology that promises to increase productivity or save money. We don’t justify the purchase based on return on investment. Everbridge enables organizations to protect their most critical assets – their people. Everbridge employees are bound together by this common mission. Since there are so much more than just dollars at stake, failure is not an option. This creates an unspoken creed that builds a mission-based culture.

We don’t risk our lives at work every day, but this is the first job where I have felt such a strong sense of purpose since leaving the military.

It’s exhilarating to feel that your work makes a difference. It comes with the burden of high performance expectations and the apprehension of the potential negative impact of failure. Public servants, medical professionals, and our military perform their work under oaths of selfless service to society. Our military and public safety professionals put their lives at risk in fulfilling their oaths creating unwavering bonds between teammates and a sense that someone always has your back. As difficult as it would be for me to leave Everbridge to return to a run of the mill technology company, transitioning from the selfless construct of the military to a selfish society has never been more challenging.

The brilliance of Team Rubicon was apparent when we first became aware of the organization and began providing our technology services.  Supporting people struck by life changing events at their darkest hour with people who struggle to retain meaning to their post-military lives is a unique synergy. I learned during my brief deployment that I had underestimated the power of this concept and the scale to which TR has evolved.

I had the opportunity to see the Everbridge team’s contribution in action. I responded to mobilization requests and updates sent from the Everbridge system and observed the first use of Everbridge to communicate daily action plans and safety updates to volunteers at work sites. As we became familiar with TR’s deployment of the Incident Command structure, more opportunities were identified to leverage Everbridge capability to improve efficiency and safety of the team.

I learned about the now global scale of the organization, the new capabilities under development and the massive network of volunteers and donors that has amassed to support the mission. I saw an efficient command structure and process that maximized the impact of the operation with the attention to detail and a sense of purpose that I haven’t seen since the military.

Most importantly, I met some special people and heard their stories. Each of them as proud of their grey shirts as they were of the dirt and sweat that covered them at the end of each day.

Nobody said it directly, but I sensed that to many TR was truly their tribe and deployment was their comfort zone.  I didn’t hear much talk about the military or where, or if you served, but I did listen to a lot of recollections about past TR deployments and bonds created.  I also learned that despite working at a company that believes it makes a difference, my small taste of a TR deployment filled a gap for me that I didn’t know existed.  I am 25 years removed from military service.  It’s not that, I think it is in everyone.

I hope I can help spread the word and inspire service, but in the meantime, I need to prepare for my next deployment.

Jeff Lortz

Navy veteran Jeff Lortz currently serves as the CIO and VP of Corporate Planning and Service Operations at Everbridge, a technology partner of Team Rubicon allowing the organization to effectively communicate with stakeholders.